Messenger Films

Messenger Films was founded in 1988 by award-winning screenwriter/director, Cristóbal Krusen.  We are an international feature film production company with offices in the United States and Germany.

Following several Spanish-language productions filmed in México, the company’s first major motion picture was Final Solution, released in 2002 and starring Tony Award winner John Kani.  Final Solution was made in and around Cape Town, South Africa, based on a true story set in the waning years of the apartheid era.  Since then, Cristóbal has written and directed award-winning films in Asia, Europe and the United States, including More Than DreamsFirst LandingThe Bill Collector, and Undaunted.

In 2014, Messenger Films produced Sabina K., shot on location in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  It is a feature film incorporating aspects of both Christian and Muslim spirituality, drawing in part on the writings of renowned Bosnian poet, Mak Dizdar.  In a world beset by religious conflict, Sabina K. is a heartwarming tale of redeeming love.

Two new projects are in development - Life or Death, a political thriller set in Belize, Central America, and It’s a Beautiful Day, a coming-of-age story set in Australia.   


Relative Pictures

Relative Pictures was founded in 2010 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina by Refik Hodzic, a documentary film director and the Communication Director for the International Center for Transitional Justice; Cazim Dervisevic, also a documentary film director; Amra Mehic, a film and theatre director; and Fedja Stukan, an actor and film producer. The company is named after the skydiving term “relative work jump” - a jumping technique in which two or more skydivers free fall while holding each other's hands. The name represents unity, courage, and trust.